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Yeo jeong jo the concubine

Korean actress Jo Yeo-jeong, Ariul cosmetics, and The Concubine

Cho Yeo-jeong born February 10, is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her leading roles in jeong period films The ServantThe Concubine and Parasite as well as starring in the television series I Need Romance Cho Yeo-jeong debuted as a CeCi Magazine cover girl at the age of 16 inand began actively acting in Despite appearing in drama seriesmusic videos, and TV commercials afterwards, she remained obscure. During this concubine, she was also unhappy with the limited roles being offered to her. Then Jo rose to the spotlight in by starring as the ambitious Joseon woman of low caste in the erotic period drama The Servant.

Jo, however, took advantage of the opportunity and it turned out to be a huge the stone in her career. InJo starred in hit cable series I Need Romancea sexually frank and funny comedy about a group of single thirty-something girlfriends navigating the dating scene in Seoul, which boasted stylish and slick production values.

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Despite the collective concerns expressed by the local media outlets that yeo was "going nude too often," in the actress chose another period thriller with explicit sex scenes. In an interview for the film, Jo said that most of all, she wants to be seen as an adventurous and intriguing actress.

Jo Yeo-jeong, Ariul Korea, The Concubine

In the romantic happiness hentai series Haeundae Loversshe played the bright and cheerful daughter of a Busan gangster, who falls in love with the amnesiac undercover prosecutor living with them. InJo became involved in a publicized contract dispute when she signed a new contract with Bom Entertainment while her contract with Didim was still in effect. Jo starred in two movies in She reunited with director Kim Dae-woo The Servant in another erotic period film, this time set during the Vietnam Wartitled Obsessed.

InJo starred in the sex comedy Divine breasts janet Amor: