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Yanagi miyuu

You just yanagi your debut in February 19, but today please tell us about all sorts of things. First of all, I'd like to hear about your profile details.

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Your hobbies are dancing and jogging. So you like moving your body right? Yanagi Miyu hereafter Yanagi: For dance, generally when I'm just on my own I do hip-hop.

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I also took yanagi. No, in my high school classes I majored in the arts — Miyuu did theater, dance, sword fighting, and so on. Miyuu what was like a theater training for actresses course, it seemed like we needed it for doing dramas, so an instructor came who gave proper sword fighting instruction and we vince vouyer porn sword fighting.

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Actually, two times per year we'd rent a stage and put on a big theater performance. During those times, I'd reveal my sword fighting and perform in a serious piece. Like a classic like Kaguyahime with some sword fighting scenes. Or anaginata long-handled sword? Basically a wooden katana. In the plays, we'd use handcrafted wooden katanas that have been made to look real, but if you hit them together they'd make a loud, "Crack!