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Hi, I imagine that all reviews are older womens asses before publication. I am therefore assuming that this note will be read by by someone on the editorial xxxxxxcxxx.

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I can't see any other way of communicating with Trip Advisor. I submitted a long and very complimentary 5 star review for this firm two weeks ago. For a week or so it showed up as 'pending'. The review now seems to have completely disappeared from the system and a rating for the firm IBCD of 2 stars has appeared from nowhere.

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I wonder if you could xxxxxxcxxx what is going on. Was there a problem with the content of the original review? If so what was it - I am more than happy to make changes rather than the whole thing be spiked.

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As you will see by the xxxxxxcxxx I did spend a long time writing the original review. We had read a number of Trip Advisor reviews before we went to India and found them very useful. I was was trying to relate some of our experiences to assist subsequent tourists.

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As well as the time it appears I have wasted in writing the review, it also means that other travellers will not be able to make use of our thoughts. Looking xxxxxxcxxx to hearing from you.

Harris PS Is there any other way of contacting the editorial staff?