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Since its birth, the Subaru XV has always been a non-conformist. A maverick in the high-stakes volume game, the XV struck middle ground with more finesse than its arch-rival Mitsubishi ASX could ever hope to match, and it did so by combining superior ride and handling qualities with a rather appealing sticker price as well.

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V?deos an asking price of RMk for the 2. On the outside, the new XV takes on an evolutionary styling. Simple, but incest cartoon movies great effect.

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If anything, the XV looks exactly like a shrunken down version of the Outbackif not a mere Impreza hatch on stilts. While many may find the new design to be safe and boring, I find it to be a refreshing sight from the usual suspects. However, what really matters with the new XV goes beyond skin deep.

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Underneath all that surface metal is an all-new platform — unimaginatively called Subaru Global Platform SGP — that promises improvements in all areas to do with ride, driving dynamics and safety. Although stiffer, Subaru says the SGP is more efficient in managing v?deos in the event of a collision.

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Other benefits include reduced NVH and increased suspension rigidity. More on this later.


Now, despite having a brand new platform to build the XV, its footprint remains largely unchanged.