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Think Puss in Boots. Best we can tell, the association of the word pussy with cats and young women—sweet, world, and furry—led to its use as vulgar slang tmnt porn parody female genitalia by the end of the s. The rise pusy the adult-film industry in the s and internet porn in the pusy took pussy to new heights.

For all its vulgarity or abusiveness, pussy has been featured prominently in popular culture—and politics. Pussy Galore is the suggestive name of an action heroine and love interest in the James Bond film Goldfinger based on the novel by Ian Fleming.

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They also oppose President Vladimir Putin, making them yet more vulnerable to arrest. The term is definitely not for polite company. Calling women pussies —as if they are just sexual objects for men, as Trump did in the Access Hollywood tape—is incredibly offensive. However, pussy sees wide and welcome use in more intimate settings.

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