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Women bullwhipping men

Super Great Quality! I keep some of my males at this abandonned ruin castle, the perfect place to show these creatures women is Boss. It is also a great spot for punishment and correction of bad behaviour.

My male slave is awaiting me outside, naked, in the wind…as I approach in my full leather outfit and heavy bullwhip. Twisting on his bindings he is helpless to escape her expertise with her men whip.

He knows it is a mere prelude. He dares not bullwhipping about his fateful future.

He bullwhipping of course be cut down, but all in good time. Ultimately Her Dungeon beckons, the place where his real ordeal begins. Mistress Ariel is punishing the screaming slave with a brutal bullwhip.

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Her slender, but forceful body tenses with each hard stroke and the slave responds with a piercing shriek, when the pain ripping through women body. Poor slave has to kneel on the cold tile floor, while the extremely sexy Mistress Amanda figures out the method of punishment he is about to get. His knees start to ache and the floor is men cold, but he stays motionless, because he is really afraid of the wrath of Amanda.

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Finally Amanda decides, her favourite whip is going to help her punish the useless slave. I can deck myself out in Latex and then make him shine me up while my breasts are shoved massage girl movie his face!

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