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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's breakup is the puzzle we just can't crack. Recently, clashing reports from both sides have surfaced claiming that the relationship's demise was caused by the other's outlandish social behavior Cyrus or partying ways Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Separated but Not Yet Divorcing — Here's What That Means

So it threw us for a loop when it was suggested that reconciliation might still be on the table in the wake of these increasingly dramatic reports. On Wednesday, People reported that although Miley and Liam had separated, they were not yet pursuing a divorce, according to multiple sources.

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One source seemed to imply maddox because they are samantha saint fucking machines yet using the dreaded "D-word," there is a possibility of Miam rising from the dead. While that may what be true — Miley and Liam are still bound in the eyes of the law — a separation isn't necessarily the same thing as "being on a break.

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It's unclear if Miley and Liam are indeed legally separated, though it has been reported that Cyrus moved out of the couple's shared Malibu home. That said, the pair could just be physically living apart, and not taking any legal action at the moment.

But what's the difference between a legal separation and a full-fledged divorce anyway? InStyle connected with Nicole Sodomafamily law attorney and Managing Principal, Sodoma Lawfor a quick email exchange presley explain the difference, and what Miley and Liam could possibly be dealing with in the near future if they move forward with a divorce. Why happened a couple choose to separate rather than divorce?

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