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Virginia bell boobs

If a woman is five feet two inches tall and weighs pounds, do you think she would look at having a size 48 chest as a curse?

Busty Legend: Virginia Bell, Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell

Maybe if she had trouble getting around with those dancing big tits. Not Virginia Bell. The girl, who later will become the most famous nude star of the world bell not only how to move around gracefully with such generous endowment but also she learned how to nude dance like a superstar.

Her titanic tits earned her fame not only on burlesque stages around the United States, but also in vintage B-movies, too. High quality sex scene Virginia was born inboobs buxom darling no doubt had to learn to live with her giant boobs.

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Breast reduction surgery back in that era was not the routine procedure that it is today. And no doubt her hometown of MontroseCalifornia USA also helped with this cutie learning to live with her "gifts". A lovely girl in the Golden State not soaking up all that West Coast sunshine in bathing suits and skimpy tops?

Preposterous to even think about! If you have not guessed by know, Virginia Bell's "F" G cup breasts were the item this woman possessed that had men clambering to get magazines where she was featured. Virginia of her tits sat like a big, fleshy orb on her chest, defying gravity to give them their natural perkiness.

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They were huge, soft, and amazingly stretch mark-free. Those nipples on her mountains stood out like two big steel rivets.

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