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October 12, Home town: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Height: Brunette Eyes: Brown Breasts: Veronica Brazil's a thick-lipped, taut-bodied strumpet with a pair of the biggest enhanced boobs movie on a Latina pornstress. Her long, kinky hair frames a face that exudes a nasty and sex-starved aura. With her family originally hailing from San Salvador, MX. As a young entertainer she took the following stripper stage veronica Veronica Caliente, Veronica Castel, Veronica Castillo, Veronica Florez, Veronica Rio She was working as an exotic dancer when the lure of the porn world finally proved too much to resist.

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She's appeared in a few pro-am tapesbut usually can be found in tapes whose theme is extremely large-breasted women. Big Bust Babes 17' are two of her best in this field. Veronica Brazil's thick Brazilian accent may be impossible to fathom at times, but there's no mistaking the energy and intensity that brazil brings to each new sexual appearance.

Veronica Twerkingbaby has gone by quite a few names during her stint in the biz, but it's worth tracking down her films for the pure, unbridled love little slut movies sex that this lusty Latina brings to the screen.

With just over 30 films and fine contributions to adult film, Veronica seems to be a timeless member of the common web search forums and blogs alike.