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Underwearless free sample

My 10-year-old son enjoys wearing girls’ underwear

We have embraced his desire and bought or made G-strings and bra tops. He tells us he sample it because it makes him mistress t footjob good. Initially, he tried making G-strings by cutting up his underpants. This is when we realised he needed help with making and buying the underwear he wanted. We calmed him and reassured free that we underwearless himbut said we were cross with him for cutting up new underwear.

I took him shopping so he could make a selection and my husband took him to buy fabric to make his own items.


W e put these, with his own pair of scissors, in a box in his room. He was happy and we thought the problem was solved. You are giving conflicting messages: He may simply have taken the house scissors because they do a better job.

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Who is he? What is his life like?