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The two styles clearly influenced each other; however, these dances were born from different continents. The history of each country encompasses an influx of influences from nude of the same and some vastly different cultures.

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Both the Egyptian and Turkish arts were influenced by the ancient Greeks, the Ebonyinternal com and the Persians. The Egyptian arts had additional dance from the Libyans, the Arabs and the Turks. The Egyptian and Turkish dances were influenced by ballet, though from different countries and in different centuries. Both the Egyptian and Turkish cultures were enriched by the dances that took place within the harems. The slaves and servants who populated this institution were from the Middle East, Africa, European, Central Asian and even English speaking cultures.

Dance was greatly valued within the harems, so the women with dancing abilities commanded the highest prices in the slave market. Once in the harem, they were further schooled in the terpsichorean arts.

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In need of employment, some of the specially trained dancers worked as public performers. Their dances influenced the already changing art form, which was being influenced by the European theater Dwight. The multicultural diversity of the Egyptian culture and the Ottoman Empire both within and outside of the harem turkish to the art of dance that was enjoyed in both countries.

The Egyptian Oriental dance sprung from ancient roots where some groups of dancing troubadours were also midwives Maspero, Mourat,