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Trample fetish

Dec Posted by drmarkgriffiths. Most online sources that discuss trampling note that because the act of being trampled upon can be very painful, it has close links and associations with sexual sadism and sexual masochism.

Urban Dictionary: Trample fetish

The Wikipedia entry claims that:. As far as I am aware, no empirical research xxx black ladyboy ever been carried out on trampling fetishes so we have no idea how prevalent or widespread the activity is.

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Typically, he walks into a public meeting place such as a bar or nightclub carrying a carpet under his arm. The edges of his customized carpet are sewn together in the shape fetish a cylinder.

5 Trampling Basics - Get Ready To Walk All Over Him

This allows Georgio to slip in and out of the carpeted tube easily. He then stays wrapped up inside the carpet for up to four hours at a time the longest stint trample 11 hours.

Georgio told Semple that his fascination for being trampled up began in early childhood and became of central part of role-playing games he engaged in as a child:.