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Top 10 french pornstars

Cheese, wine, and liberty: We fantasize about hotties that people can masturbate to.

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Thanks to dozens of videos on various free porn sitesthe decision was made. In the end, we came up with a list of top 10 sexiest French pornstars, not some obscure performers from decades ago. All of these are currently active and will have no trouble swallowing gallons of semen.

Top 10 French Porn Stars Of All Time

Was there any question who the top French pornstar is? She exudes class, elegance, and sensuality, but then again, Xnxx animale also loves to fuck till she drops.

You can see this luscious MILF perform alongside top pornstars in high-budget porn flicks as well as in quick and smutty scenes. See more of her on PornPros. The lovely little lady before you is Natasha Nice.

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She embodies the perfect French pornstar.