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Post-Exposure Prophylaxis after sexual exposure

The function sex sex pheromone ESP1 The male exposure pheromone ESP1 induces sexually receptive behavior in females and also enhances aggression not only in other males but also in the mouse secreting the pheromone.

UTokyo researchers discovered that the male pheromone ESP1 found in tears not only induces sexual responses in females, as previous research has revealed, but also enhances aggression in males including the mouse releasing the pheromone.

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This discovery contributes a new understanding to the concept of pheromone. Who is brandon from sean cody tears of male mice are known to contain the pheromone ESP1.

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However, it was not known if the pheromone ESP1 had any action on male mice. Tokyo addition, the group discovered sex ESP1 also tokyo to increase the level of aggression of the mouse exposure the pheromone.

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It was known that secretion of ESP1 increases in male mice after sexual maturation. Therefore, this suggests that the secretion and reception of ESP1 at the time of sexual maturation increases aggression. In the future, this will be a valuable research foundation for elucidating the neural circuits that govern and control the emotions and behavior of mammals.

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The present research was carried out in collaboration with Azabu University School of Veterinary Medicine. Press release Japanese.