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To naughty to say no

ts victoria carvalho

I recently took a dive into a few new releases from Severin Films. This film was not going to be like the other two horror based nunsploitation flicks but would involve nuns nonetheless see what I did there? I once again want to thank Vin Syn for sending this one my way.

Trashploitation – Too Naughty to Say No (Review)

When she confronts her about leaving school the young woman invites her along. The two are then picked up by a man where he takes them back to his place and pays the one for sex while the other watches. She finds the sexual freedom of her friend very enlightening and decides to join in her body of work.

riri koda

She meets her Madame who immediately puts her to work which freaks her out. She runs away from the brothel only to find herself in the middle of more sexual adventures and awakening.

veronica avluv squirt

I knew this one would be sleazy but I at least hoped it would be fun. The acting in this one is surprisingly entertaining. Ginger Lynn is a babe and shows why she is known for her craft.