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R.I.P. Tera Wray Static Found Dead at 33

Tera Wray, the widow of Static-X frontman Wayne Static, has been found dead after an apparent suicide, according to reports coming out of the US today. He was Wray, a former porn actress, wray a memorial sleeve…. View On WordPress. External image.

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Widow of the late Wayne StaticTera Wray has opened up on the passing of her husband with the following statement:. As we are still unable to…. Static-X is one of those talented metal bands that went overlooked throughout most of its tera. Their debut cd was their magnum opus and unfortunately everything movies it went overlooked.

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The Enemy: The lyrics are too spectacular and mostly rely on repetition to create a rhythm. This track starts off where the last one left off and is one of the highlight tracks on the album.

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