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Sweet prudence and the exotic

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Halcyon Haze provide the epitome of home-grown vape products for their customers, with every bottle made in Britain, from supplier Cuts Ice Limited, who offer products to some of Europe's leading e-cigarette companies. Due to the long and complex development process that has long been established to provide vapers with the best quality flavours, every Halcyon Haze E-Liquid can offer a unique flavour experience for even the most practised vaper.

With a range of 10ml and available, be sure to check out some of their best-sellers offering unique new flavours for prudence taste buds.

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Gins addiction offers vapers a minty menthol taste reminiscent of a refreshing gin, or perhaps Earth brother is more your calling, with deeper flavours of brown sugar, spice and tobacco. This blend has gone through a triple-filtration process for the most memorable of vape experiences. A lighter, fresher vape experience may be for you, exotic if so, give Northern Lights a try, with sensitive pronograph ep of grape, mint and aniseed.

Every palate is catered for with Halcyon Haze E-Liquids, and you can find out more by heading to Redjuice, where you the find the latest offers and products at competitive prices.

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Put your taste buds to the test and expand your horizons with Halcyon Haze today. Lizzy Rascal by Halcyon Haze is a berry mojito e-liquid blending the flavours of lemongrass, lime, mint and various red berries. Earth Brother by Halcyon Haze eLiquid 10ml Bottles - Are you tired of tobacco e-liquids that taste nothing like tobacco?

Earth Brother by Halcyon Haze achives its incredible flavour profile using a triple-filtered extract of real Turkish tobacco.

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Further enhancing this juice are notes of cooked brown sugar, rare spices and roasted chestnuts. Gins Addiction by Halcyon Haze eLiquid 10ml Bottles - Plenty of e-liquid makers have attempted to capture the flavours of various adult cocktails, but none have sweet so quite as successfully as Gin's Addiction by Halcyion Haze.