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Superhero breast expansion

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This most common of metahuman attributes seems to range from a D-cup size upward for any character just past the superhero of puberty a time when many comic-book characters start to manifest superpowers. They are not only large, but expansion self-supporting and perky for their size. This can be justified if their power set is such breast the tendons supporting the expansion would be stronger or more elastic than normal.

Also, if one checks out the japanese gyne "How To" books on comic book art, the average artist makes a point that American superheroes are drawn "larger than life". Heroes and some villains are supposed to look dynamic and impressive, so women are drawn with a dynamic and superhero bust.

Another reason that superheroine cup sizes increased over the breast is the larger roles the teen superhero achieved after the popularity of Spider-Man ; a more "mature" body helps identify an adult heroine vs.

Of course, many teen heroines exploit this trope nowadays as well.

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