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Milk 26, 3: A miracle mom has donated more than gallons of her own breast milk to help hundreds milk other parents feed their babies.

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The mom of two has hyperlactation syndrome, which means she pumps around 1. Her 6-month-old girl, Sophia, consumes 20 ounces a day and the rest is handed over to local moms, gay couples and a milk bank for premature babies. The precious liquid is packaged, labeled and stored in four huge freezers in the house where she lives with the girls and her husband, public safety officer David Sierra, She said: Now Sophia is 6 months old, I pump five times a day — as soon as I wake up, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and again at midnight.

Pumping is not fun — it is uncomfortable and it hurts — but it is my labor of love.

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It is instant gratification when I donate locally because I see the babies and I super them thriving. The milk girl the milk bank goes to micro preemies, so 1 ounce can feed three or four babies. Anderson-Sierra usually breastfeeds at home but will also pump discreetly in restaurants, while driving and in other public spaces.

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Around half of her milk is picked up from super house by local moms or couples who often choose to compensate her for her time. The devoted mom said: Breast milk is like liquid gold — it should never be thrown away.