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Spartacus series frontal scenes

If you were to ask someone what words first spring to mind after watching the two debut episodes, they would not be the ones that you would associate with great television. Instead of great acting, great writing, and compelling production values, with Spartacus you can't think of much beyond nudity, the irresponsible use of CGI, cardboardish writing, and blood.

Lots of blood.

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Titanic quantities of blood. In fact, there is so much blood that it is hard not to think of the famous Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grailin which copius amounts of blood spew from one severed arm and leg after series in absurd quanities. Was blood eve intended to be the major component of any series? One could also speak here of violence, but the violence in Spartacuswhich is unrelenting, amature cum always gives scenes to blood, as if the point of the violence is to generate a severed artery.

We see blood gushing from wounds.

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We see blood that has been left to dry on on sweaty skin and unshaved stubble. We see blood gushing from severed limbs, from busted noses, from slit throats, from decapitated heads.

There are times that blood is seen merely flying across the screen with no discernible source. At the climax of the big gladiator scene in frontal pilot episode, blood surges in a tidal wave behind the head of Spartacus, washing across the entire screen.

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At times the head of an actor will freeze while the blood continues to spurt across the screen. What is most distressing spartacus there isn't the slightest exaggeration in anything that I've described here.

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There is so much blood in this show that it almost achieves self-parody.