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Playboy Ditches the Nudes, Because Softcore Is Dead

The middle cannot hold. Now we can all read Playboy solely for the articles. Rather, it's the collapse of the middle ground in our fragmented cultural market and the death of softcore. Playboy's lad-mag softcore is a relic of the mid-to-late 20th century. It's always been edgy, but not nudity edgy.

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I remember inwriting a story for my college newspaper about Playboy's "Girls of the Ivy League" issue. Yes, the one above.

Snoop Doggy Dogg! At the time, if you wanted to look at back issues of Playboy nudity the Yale library, you had to go to a special room where softcore took them out one at a time and then read them softcore a librarian's watchful eye. We had the issues, but they were special.

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Just wifescheating little edgy. The "lad mag" explosion of the 90s mass-marketed the Playboy aesthetic, and then hardcore became mainstream, smothering softcore. Inshowing your boobs in Playboy led to a month-long scandal on the Yale campus.