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Small penis teasing

I am propositioned all the time.

"Unintentional" SPH / Small Penis Teasing / Honesty from Wife

It is against all probability that only men n the high end of average or above average, find me attractive and who I reciprocate that attraction with. When a well endowed man takes you, it feels the same as all the sexual memories from your past, before you were experienced. And it feels right. The right amount of pulling, the right amount of friction, the teasing amount of fullness.

The Small Dick Club

It penis a perfect recipe for an orgasm with no substitutions needed innocent amateur tube replace ingredients you might not have at hand. Your small can not handle that, accommodate for it or adjust to it. My body is the one that is flexible for size, not yours. Flaccid size is not always indicative of the package once erect.

If you want me to be sexually fulfilled, then you have to know it is not going to be possible with your little penis as we are simply and completely mismatched.

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I will not resign myself to a lifetime of sexual frustration in order to maintain a relationship.