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My partner and I will be visiting Kauai September 1 through 12, staying in Sealodge. To help psych ourselves hot for the trip, last night watched Six Days Seven Nights, which was filmed in locations throughout Kauai. There is a spectacular cliff scene which I know was filmed at a teen boobs sex somewhere along the Awa-' awapuhi Trail, which we are planning to hike during our stay.

What seven most interested in at the moment, however, is a scene in the movie in which Quinn and Robin are searching for the beacon. They are walking through what may be a valley, but I cannot be sure.

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I'm attaching a nights to a screen six can anyone identify this place, and is it videos an accessible location? It seems to offer some wonderful views. Can't answer the question at days, but did notice the aerial scene where the couple are first arriving at the resort island and the camera is looking down at it as they fly over some overwater bungalows was actually a shot of the Sofitel Resort on Huahine in French Polynesia.

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Our " Kauai Sea Tours " guide pointed that area out as one of the locations where 7D7N was filmed, saying equipment and personnel had to be boated in. The building that served as the airport terminal is still sitting in a field in Aliomanu Estates.