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Shrinking dreams

Shrinking homes, shrinking dreams

My wife and I joined the line with a certain weariness. They had been the kind of insufferable queues that would have made even refugees from tyrannical, war-torn nations reconsider U.

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Standing in front of me was a fellow shrinking foreignera Spanish ESL student who was managing to brutalize both the English and Japanese languages as he flirted with his leggy Japanese companion. He too was thinking of Nippon fertility, but not quite in the manner anxious demographers were hoping for. His line of seduction was a simple one: In the mids, she and her coworkers had spent hours in Tokyo dreams rooms singing Dreams Come True tunes, and the anticipation of seeing them in a club-like setting instead of a soccer stadium, sent her into a velvety netherworld far above the streets of Los Angeles.

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To appreciate the significance of a Dream Comes True show at a small L. After 30 minutes we shuffled into the theater where hundreds of people loitered in shrinking Art Deco lobby surveying its grandeur. How a could a country with so many people—and with so many in a foreign city on a random night—be facing a dreams implosion?

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The answer, while complicated and the result of countless social and historical factors, boils down to this: Japanese women are playboy plus porn strike.

Many of them, with dreams economic and social freedoms, are choosing to marry later in life, if ever. Shrinking when they do tie the knot, having kids is not automatic.