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Are we hubby gets seconds installing software into each other's hard drives for sexual gratification?

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As far as I know, that's not how it works. You don't have a person there physically, so you have to try your best at making the experience as authentic as possible, sexy isn't easy to do.

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To assist, I've enlisted the help of award-winning web-starletmodel and self-described girl-next-door but with bigger boobs Taylor Stevens NSFW to bring some authenticity to Skype sex, an inherently unauthentic act.

If you want to have Skype sex, you're going to need the right materials to do so. That means having a webcam duha mic double duh and Skype, which is free to download.

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While Stevens has her own software for webcamming, she agrees that Skype is the fittest program for one-on-one sexy fun. Although this should go without saying, you skype both have webcams. When both parties broadcast, the experience is more interactive and less of a performance, where one skype all their goods while the other modestly types back. Two mics are just as important.

14 Tips For Hot Skype Sex

You want to hear the other party react to your tactics, and it's especially nice to hear them climax. Not everything has to be about getting down to biz," she says.

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Then, as the date carries on, they dig deeper and chat about what's going on in each other's lives. It's important to genuinely get to know the other person if authenticity is a key factor in your exploits. Again, you could be 'camming with your partner and already know them very well.