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Awad was 12 when his employer started sexually abusing him. He had a new job in a factory in Kasur and, he says, he knew such abuse was common. It continued for more than a year.

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The abuse of child workers in northern Pakistan is an open secret. Awad, an orphan who sex spent time on the streets and in shelters for children, says he knows many other youngsters who are abused in factories and workshops in Kasur, an extremely conservative city in Punjab.

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Ahmed, 11, was sexually abused by the owner of a restaurant in which he worked. Ahmed was reluctant to tell his parents about the abuse. Everything was against me.

HIV / AIDS among men who have sex with men in Pakistan.

About 3. Interviews with children, families, organisations and officials in Kasur reveal that many working children, particularly boys, are expected to indulge in sexual activity with employers, peers and acquaintances, often in return for work sex accommodation. Victims are often threatened to keep silent, and the mechanism of fear almost always works. Few government institutions seem to address the issue. Police in Kasur characterise it as a cultural problem.

Spokesperson Sajil Ali says: Waseem Abbas, from the Child Protection and Welfare Bureausays his natalie xxx regularly raids homes and locations where they have received a tipoff about gangs or rings of sexual predators, but he too believes lack of awareness and poverty are at the heart of the pakistan.