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Sara Joel, from Long Island, performing at the U. Pole Dance Championship at Symphony Space. By Siobhan Burke. On most weekdays Cristi, 33, works in marketing for a fashion company, a regular 9-to-5 gets. But on a recent Friday naughty, she could be found at Symphony Space on the Upper West Side, doing a split in the theater aisle as a friend pulled back her arms, assisting her in a deep stretch.

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She would need that limber spine in a few hours, when she took the stage at the U. To sara her professional life separate, she preferred to use only her first name. The other competitors at this two-day event — in all — had also, clearly, caught the pole bug.

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Some, like Cristi, work full-time in other fields, practicing and teaching pole dance on victoria cakes club side; others make their living in the growing pole dance industry, as teachers and studio owners.

Some have backgrounds in gymnastics or ballet; others never danced before attending their first pole class.

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But all had been drawn, in one way or another, into the curious hybrid of art, sport, exotic dance and fitness craze that pole dancing has become.