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Reina mistress

Reina along with his brother Antonio began working with members of the Morello family.

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He married Angelina Olivera, and the couple had six children; three sons, one, Giacomo, became a member of the Lucchese family mistress and three daughters one, Carmela "Mildred", married Joe Valachi in [4] [5].

Reina family lived in a i fucked my best friend on Rochambeau Avenue in the Norwood section of the Bronx. In November ofwealthy poultryman, Barnet Baff famosas tetonas, was murdered in a plot staged by reina cabal of Jewish competitors who hired Sicilian gunmen to commit the crime.

The investigation and trial, which dragged on mistress years, became known as the most sensational killing in New York history.

Gaetano Reina

At one point, Reina and Jack Dragna were implicated as the actual gunmen; however, it was later determined they were merely red herrings. Reina had long been a captain in the Morello family, being in charge of many men and operations within the Morello organization. As the Morello family fell into chaos during the s, Reina, along with Salvatore D'Aquila and Joe Masseriasplit off to form their own families.

Thus, byhe ruled as mistress of his own crime family reina criminal operations in The Bronx and parts of East Harlem.


His crime family held a monopoly over the ice box distribution in The Bronx. In the late s, Reina formed an alliance with Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseriawho had absorbed into his now powerful organization the remnants of the much weakened Morello crime family. The two Mafia bosses began fighting in what became known as the Castellammarese War.