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Real husband and wife making love


We all making to have a strong Christian marriage. Sex in Christian marriage is how God designed a Christian couple to stay emotionally, spiritually and physically intimate. But I hope that this post allows us to honestly reconsider the purpose of sex in Christian marriage.

I want us to see how if we choose to not make sex in marriage a priority than we risk eroding the deep bond that a husband and wife wife to keep a family strong.

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I want to talk about Christian marriage and sex today not as a marriage expert, but as a Christian wife, mom and woman who has seen many Christian marriages crumble. Make no mistake—what we talk and in this post may save your loveor that of someone you know. God gave us sex as an amazing way to—over and over, throughout the life of a Christian marriage—cement the bond between a husband and a wife.

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Sex is the balm that covers over the real words we say and the offenses we commit against one another. The marriage bed husband where we come and mend our wounds —a special connection shared with no one else.

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Sex in marriage brings the closeness that we desperately need when dealing with rebellious children, challenging ice la fox facial, or chronic illness. And when a Christian couple makes love with the intention of pleasing each other and not just their own physical desiressex also becomes an incredibly beautiful mini-portrait of marriage overall.