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Real female doctor

Happy medical residents are all alike.

The bullying that led this doctor to take her own life

Every unhappy resident would take a long time to count. But is it worse for women than men?

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Constance Guille and colleagues analyzed the mental health of more than 3, newly minted doctors at 44 hospitals across the country. Before starting residency, men and women had similar real of depressive symptoms.

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After six months on the job, both genders experienced a sharp rise in depression scores — but the effect was much more pronounced for women. A major reason: Despite large increases female the number of women in medicine, female physicians continue to shoulder the bulk of household and child care duties.

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This unequal distribution of domestic labor is not unique to medicine, of course, but its manifestations are particularly acute in a physically and emotionally demanding profession with a lengthy training process that allows few, if any, breaks. The structure of medical training has changed little since the s, when almost all residents were men with few cock torture duties.