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Preeti babesation

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Over hot UK girls waiting for you inside! Introduction Preeti is a Surrey girl originally but now resides in west London. She loves all the things that a young woman living in London enjoys, like: She also clearly takes care of her body and goes to the gym at least three times a week. Preeti's other passion in life appears to be her dog, a very cute French bulldog; whom she refers to affectionately as her "little baby".


Preeti is also a fully qualified hairdresser and colour specialist, and it was preeti this time in her life that she began her career as a glamour model with her sister Priya.

The twins were scouted by a men's magazine and the numerous photo shoots that followed soon turned into a full time career. The girls subsequently started on Babestation, and since then Preeti has gone on to become a true Babestation All-Star in her own right. Preeti is a free spirit babesation usually goes out to preeti what she wants herself.

Although she'd like to travel a lot more, with a particular passion for South America, she doesn't like to make too many plans. She tells us: Caught mastrubating life seems to drastically change from one year to the next She now finds personality more appealing, although she still has a weakness for the muscles!