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Pinky and no

Pinky & the Fog/Where No Mouse Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call

Pinky often says random nonsense words. Brain often claimed Pinky to be the main failure of his plans, although in actuality failures were sometimes not Pinky's fault. Despite the pain and insults he took from his fellow roommate, he was almost always happy and giddy. However, there were a few times that these factors of the character were changed. In the episode "That Smarts" it is revealed that when he becomes very smart, Pinky's relationship with Brain loses all of its zest and it becomes boring.

Surprisingly, whenever Brain's intellectual methods didn't work which was older women fucks rarePinky's instincts kick in and usually do a good job of guidance.

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Pinky however, was not convinced and refused to believe Snowball until Brain sarcastically remarked that he was using Pinky. Pinky is a white mice, just like Brain.

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His eyes are large and blue pinky he has a pink tail, and a red piggy-like nose. He also has a white skin, pinky paws, and toes.

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The origin of Pinky's name was shown in Project B.