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Where are the folds of my boobs and squiggles and random like nostril holes and weird shit that I can do with my body? Stephanie is a multimodal artist and art model living and working in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We met when she was posing for a sexy stockings movies friend, and struck up a friendship based on our shared Jewish heritage, our love of nudity and a blunt streak of feminist thought.

It took very little coaxing to art her to discuss her favorite subject, nudity and the cathartic process of bodywork. On a blustery day in early spring, we met at Dweebs, my beloved neighborhood coffee shop, which happens to be equidistant from our apartments.

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Despite the distinct chill in the air, she was relaxed in a short black dress with a floral pattern, her legs bare other than her combat boots and a large camel-colored coat. Her hair, always a bit wild, reminds me of the Carrie Bradshaw monologue about curly hair being a nude representation of a soul that lives outside the box.

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As an artist and just as a person, Stephanie loves body exploration. Trained in contact improv as well as dance, much of her work is performance-based, using her naked body as an art tool.

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He told her to wear whatever she felt comfortable in, but, after the first few pictures, she asked to be photographed nude. Where are the creases, the shapes and wrinkles and weird smudges? While her interest in nudity is about the aesthetic of the body, it is also performance all performance the notions and ideas and reactions that nudity, specifically female nudity, brings up.

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While posing for a college class, she decided to curl up with her knees to her chest and her vagina exposed. Her work — be it the way she models nude her performance pieces — is about extracting and enticing a train of thought. One such piece, performed at the variety show of works by women and gender nonconforming artists, "Am I Write Ladies," involved her lying on the floor as though she were passed out — legs art open, dress hiked up, vagina out — next to a bowl of condoms and a Do Not Enter sign.