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The following is outside and reprinted with permission of the author from Does God Belong cameron vaughn porn the Bedroom? One note of clarification: This is imprecise. While most Orthodox and Conservative rabbis do consider sex outside marriage inappropriate, most Reform xhamters Reconstructionist and some Conservative rabbis are less severe in their language.


The written Torah never forbids sex outside the context of marriage, with the exception of adultery and com. On the contrary, the Torah seems to assume that it is a natural part of life. Similarly, when King David in his old age is unable to keep warm, a young virgin, Sex the Shunammite, is brought to share his bed and wait on him I Outside 1: The Bible is natural and unembarrassed about the sexual activities of its major personalities. Although adultery and incest are explicitly forbidden, fornication is not.

It was the rabbis of the talmudic period who explicitly outlawed sexual relations outside marriage.

The Reality of Sex Outside Marriage | My Jewish Learning

One fascinating passage articulates the rabbinic attitude:. A man once conceived a passion for a certain woman, and his heart was sex by his burning desire [his life being endangered thereby]. When the doctors were consulted, they said: One said that she was a married woman, the com that she was unmarried. Now, this is intelligible on the view that she was a married woman, but on the latter, that she was unmarried, why such severity?