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Nylons in car

Nylons or not? I am told by many women that nylons are out of fashion, and bare legs are appropriate in the office. Your thoughts, especially for an interview?

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While these may not be the most important job search issues ever discussed, professional appearance does have an impact on how candidates are perceived and how seriously they are taken. In a toss-up between two qualified candidates, the car demonstrating good nylons will win. Interview attire guidelines are not the same as the rules for work attire. The suggestions for interviewing are much more conservative than for people who have already made it through the interview process and are successfully employed.

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Your goal as a candidate is to look professional, current, appropriate, and to make sure you are memorable for all the right reasons your attire should car be nylons the top of that list! There is a uniform for interviews, horny school nurse use your creative expression in other areas.

Situations for wearing hose or not continue to be discussed by many fashionistas. As an interview guideline, if you choose to wear a dress or skirt and jacket, I recommend wearing very sheer hose, in all seasons.

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