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Bowdoin Journal of Art. As in the apocryphal tale, two lecherous elder men are depicted spying on a nude Susanna as she bathes.

However, Benton makes choices in his painting that implicate both himself and the audience in the act of voyeurism.

Susanna's unclothed figure delineates a crucial divide between female nudity and nakedness as portrayed and perceived in the art-viewing experience. Using close reading and calling upon both contemporary responses and later theories of art criticism, this essay explores Benton's reframing of the voyeuristic experience.

Although considered canonical only by the Catholic the big bang theory parody xxx Eastern Orthodox churches, the Biblical story of Susanna and the Elders has been a popular subject for painters since nude least the early sixteenth century1.

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After lustily observing nude from the shadows, the two men attempt to blackmail Susanna for sexual favors, and take the matter to court when she refuses. Artists as diverse as Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Voyuerism have all painted their own interpretations voyuerism the scene, each depicting the elders in the act of observing Susanna in her nudity. The exact moment within the garden scene portrayed differs across multiple interpretations.