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Nude by the window

A Fairfax County judge saw it a little differently Friday, convicting Williamson of indecent exposure in a case that has raised questions about what's OK when you're in your own home.

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Two women said they saw much more of Williamson than they cared to in October, even though he never left the confines of his home. He received neither jail nude nor a fine but is appealing anyway, saying a larger principle is at stake. Williamson testified that he never intended to expose himself and was simply exercising "personal freedom" as he spent several hours naked in his Springfield home packing up belongings.


Police, prosecutors and two witnesses, though, said Williamson's actions were designed window draw attention to himself.

The first woman, school librarian Laurie holmes porn Giuliani, said she heard some loud singing as she left her home and drove to work. As she drove by Williamson's home, she saw him naked, standing directly behind a the picture window. She heard a loud rattle, looked to her left and saw Williamson standing naked, full frontal, in a side doorway.

As she turned the corner, she looked back at the home, in disbelief at what she had just seen.

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Again, she saw Williamson, naked in the same picture window.