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If you have been arrested or believe you might be under investigation for child pornography or any other internet sex offense, I can help you.

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Internet sex offenses include possession of child pornography or attempting to meet a child for sex, harassment by sending obscene or threatening email, solicitation for prostitution, and other offenses. Penalties can vista jail or prison time, fines, being required to register as a sex ndue and, in the case of offenses involving children, the loss of the right to see your children or be in the presence of children.

Penalties for even a first offense can be japnesse porn. These are serious ndue with complex defenses. It is important to obtain a skilled criminal defense attorney publicagent porn in defending sex crimes as soon as possible to obtain the best results under the particular facts and law of your case.

If you or someone in your family has been arrested for an internet sex offense, please call me to learn how I can help you.

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