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Any female character with more than two breasts. Term originated or at least popularised by The Funday Pawpet Show 's Simba, whose multibreasts Arthur Bronswager sings the parody song "Total Recallin'" which contains the line multibreasts best part was the girl with three breasts.


This is quite common in parts of the Furry Fandommainly due to this being Truth in Television for most mammals. It's worth noting that this is almost exclusively done with female breasts—you'll probably never see a male furry with more than two nipples unless he is transgender or intersex with breasts, or for other reasons we'd rather not elaborate oneven if he's in the same drawing as a female with more than two.

If it's a male character with extra equipment, you've got a Triple Nipple.

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This chick has three boobs! That's pretty cool. How many butts does she have?