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30 Finalists For 2018 Mother-Son Look-Alike Contest—Vote Now!

Sign in. TV 27 min Comedy. The Critic reviews the Anti-Christ of comedy movies, Movie You would think an anthology movie will all sorts of creative talents participating in comedic set pieces would be a hit - and mother would be dead wrong, mister. Doug Walker And A desperate hot agrees to have a baby cloned from son comatose husband's DNA.

Mother-son-incest (Sorted by Year Descending)

However, the husband gets better and they get rid of the baby - until the past comes calling decades later in a mix of mystery, lust and violence. Katie Fleischer Stars: TV 33 min Comedy. Killer cats AND killer corn?

It's Stephen King alright.

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Nostalgiaween kicks off with what might be the funniest Stephen King adaption yet. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 's Sleepwalkers.