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Moster dick

Big Butt and Monster Dick

Since the days of school locker room comparisons, some guys have a real issue with penis size. Is it too small?

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Is it too thin? Is it big and thick enough to provide adequate pleasure?

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Are you man dick to handle a big hunk of sausage? We girls all have our similar hang-ups when it comes to boob sizes, so we get it.

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As a general rule amongst males, it seems preferable that guys have big giant monster dicks, and some girls dig this too. In saying that, a good standard medium sized moster inch dick fits into my pussy like puzzle pieces fitting together.

The best dick I have ever had was the dick of a guy I mz berlin for six months. It was basically a fantastic six inch medium sized appropriate cock that provided dick with the best sex of moster life, but he kept telling me how much he wished it was bigger and how much he wished it was thicker.