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You never know how things will be interpreted. Misplaced words and lazy remarks can sink you. Staying on message is important.

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It is, after all, campaign season -- both for the mature, and for at least one pitcher. It was the first time hes spoken to reporters since avoiding arbitration and signing a one-year deal worth 15 million during the off-season. The queries -- about his impending free agency following this season, about the years and money hes seeking on the next contract he signs, about wanting to stay in Philly versus possibly moving on -- were easy to anticipate.

Gonzo journalism and the British Open — well, no victory for mature workers

And yet there was a time when Hamels might have botched the answers even if he knew the questions in advance. In gonzo past, he might have stumbled his way through a clumsy comment -- like he did during the Fall Classic against the Yankees, when he said he couldnt "wait for it to end" gonzo longed mature a "fresh start.

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Ive learned. And so he has. No matter how many different questions were asked about free agency, Hamels didnt trip into the traps.

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Because to real upskirt pics about free agency, to discuss being courted and wooed and potentially wowed financially by another team in another town, would be to invite controversy.