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Masturbation on airplane

The Hangover (2009) Quote (About masturbation illegal gifs flight airplane)

There are ways to handle long, boring flights, masturbation that you should avoid at all cost. Getting airplane, taking off your clothes, and showing yourself some intimate "love" is definitely not something you should ever try. According to the Gloucester Citizen, a year-old woman on a British Airways flight from Jamaica to London was arrested after she reportedly became intoxicated and decided to start her very airplane Mile High Club. Reports indicate the woman mom fucked by shemale off her clothes and began to masturbate on the plane.

Because why wait to find a partner to help you join that prestigious club when you can just do it on your own. New York Daily News reports police were called when the plane landed and the woman was arrested.

British Airways declined to comment further other than to confirm that police had been called after the plane landed.

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Drunk Woman Arrested for Masturbating on Airplane

Today's Top Stories. This absolutely wins for the Weirdest Flight Ever Award, hands down.

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