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Offering exclusive content not available on Teen celeb porn. We caught up about making videos, responding to maryjane, and the one thing on earth more exciting than making porn. Read on: How did you two meet, and what made you decide to start making videos together? We met at a party of a mutual friend, started talking and dated for a while. Has your process for making videos changed since you started working together?

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Not really, besides the video quality of course. We auryn film spontaneously. We upgraded our camera recently, which definitely improved the quality.

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Is there any camera or lighting equipment that was a game-changer for you? Changing from our smartphones maryjane HD camcorders and cameras really made a difference, even though we made some auryn good videos with just a decent smartphone.

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You use Twitterand you whitewivesblackcock your own website. Making good videos on Pornhub gets us most of our visitors. Sometimes our videos get viral on other sites too, like Japanese forums, and we see a peak then.