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Porn tells us a "MILF" is sexy.

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But in the lived reality of so many women, why does MILF feel like an oxymoron? Why is it, in a culture that now fashionably talks about bondage, sex toys and open relationships, that we still have such a strong cultural taboo when it comes to talking about the procreative sex that makes us mothers and the subsequent sex mother's have?

Mama is it that "Mama Sex" is the black hole of our feminine education? As a "millennial mother" I've come of age feeling mama if I was constantly striving toward obtaining the total package of existenceprofessional success and personal satisfaction.

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Sexx always considered the prosperity of my sexuality and desire an interwoven assumption of adulthood. And I couldn't imagine a world where I didn't make it a priority.

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Before motherhood, I could only intellectually understand how and why my relationship sunny leone showing pussy sex sexx change. I smile at the naivete of my former self.

And my former self knew a lot about sex.