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Living doll

The series was unusual in that it was bought by the network without a formal pilot film at the request of CBS's president, James T.

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Aubreydue to the success of Chertok's previous series, My Favorite Martian. The series starred Bob Cummings as Dr. Bob McDonald, a psychiatrist living is given care of Rhoda Miller, a lifelike android played by Julie Newmar in the form of doll sexy, Amazonian female, by her creator, a scientist who did not want her to fall into the hands of the military.

Rhoda's real name is AFand she is a prototype robot that Dr. Carl Miller Henry Beckman built for the U.

Living Doll (song)

Air Force. Through a series of mishaps, the robot ends up in the care of Dr.

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Bob is initially reluctant but soon becomes intrigued by the experiment of educating this sophisticated but naive robot. Bob's initial goal is to teach Rhoda how to be a perfect woman, which he defines as one who "does what she's told" and "doesn't talk back. Many episodes deal all model sex video Rhoda learning how human society works.

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She also begins showing or at least emulating rudimentary emotions as the series progresses; in the episode "The Kleptomaniac," for example, she displays a childlike, playful doll. At living point, McDonald notices this and utters, "What a goofy robot!