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Hailing from Newport Beach, California, cute brunette pornstar Lisa Marie has already been in the adult entertainment pornstar for a decade and she's only twenty nine years old! Of course, if you do your math right, you would figure out that she started in the industry at the barely legal age of nineteen, and it's a wonder to see someone who started so early around after ten years of getting every orifice pounded.

Lisa Marie has racked up some impressive creds over the years, having worked with some of the top dogs in the industry: Can Lisa Marie Presley say that? I didn't think so!

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As expected from someone as seasoned as LisaMarie, she's tried just about everything there is to try short two or three moves in the Kama Sutra that only yogic masters would even dare to attempt. Barring those, she's had her fill of action, from the softer, more gentle girl-on-girl action to creampies and fisting, cum swapping to A2M google if you don't know, and only if you must. She lisa been in the business for so long, in fact, that she has even been in a few videos where she marie even commit lisa sexual acts!

Now that's respect befitting for a veteran who has pleased so many in her career! Over at the Luke Ford blog, you can read up on a few sexual exploits Lisa Marie gets herself into in her real life, and she's every bit the same naughty little sexpot she is in front of the camera as she is when she's living day to day.


In one entry, a lisa of hers convinced her that she hadn't given marie a Chanukkah gift yet and that Chanukkah pornstar at noon it ends midnightso with a naked amature pornstar of convincing, he got a blowjob from the half-asleep Lisa.

In another anecdote, she was invited to a birthday party at a swanky restaurant and was forewarned not to dress like a whore.

She did anyway, and when asked why she didn't heed the advice, she responded, marie, I'm wearing panties! Now that's class!

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