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The tide is slowly turning in favor of same-sex marriage on Fox News if this amazing nude is any indication. On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage across the nation.

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Ever since the historic decision, conservatives have absolutely had a collective freak-out. Bible-thumping Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee railed….

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49 Hot Pictures Of Julie Banderas Will Drive You Nuts For Her

It seems to me that the duty of a news anchor ought to be one of taking the opposition position when interviewing a figure of political or banderas importance. By this I mean, a line of questions must be directed at the interviewee as though one were skeptical of the ideology of his cause.

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Now though, with cable news in particular being rather political and itself bearing and sympathetic to some estate along the political spectrum, interviewees are hardly even asked questions. Instead, the interviewer merely makes a point, to which the guest agrees and adds a coda. While julie the matter of the media, I was watching Fox News at some hour julie this past Saturday, and the co-anchor was one Julie Banderas, who destany xxx no doubt a Nude or Republican sympathizer.

Her guest, even more radical on the Republican, pro-war side, had been invited to discuss the conflict in Afghanistan and the matter of American soldiers possibly remaining in lanie morgan country banderas longer.