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John holmes the man the myth the legend

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More than simply a fascinating tell-all of an individual whose name became synonymous with adult films, this documentary is an intimate portrait of the man who commercialized the adult film industry. An eye-opening and sobering glimpse into the fledgling days of illegal, hardcore film-making, when the actors were branded "prostitutes" and the producers labeled "panhandlers. John was a charming unpretentious child at heart, but as he began to believe the larger-than-life mystique that surrounded him, John revealed the darker aspects of his personality.

John Holmes: The Man, The Myth, The Legend (DVD, 2004, Edited Version)

The Wonderland murders, HIV, drugs, and even his own self-destructive behavior led to the disintegration of the man whom the adult film industry hailed as a "legend. New Releases.

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Unlimited Unlimited. John Holmes: Ginger Lynn. John Holmes. Sharon Mitchell. Free Preview of John Holmes: Jaye summers Man, the Myth, the Legend Uncensored.

John Holmes: The Man, the Myth, the Legend (Censored) VHS () - Red Luci |

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