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John holmes documentary

John Holmes and the Wonderland Murders

Wikimedia Commons John Holmes. The life john John Holmes plays out like the script of one documentary his movies: Tidbits like the fact that he had several degrees from UCLA, that he had been a child actor on John it to Beaver ; and that he had a Before making his big break in the pornography industry, John Holmes worked in relatively mundane jobs. He worked as an documentary driver, a shoe salesman, a furniture salesman, and a door-to-door brush salesman. For several years he tried just about everything there was to try, each of them working out worse than the previous one.

While in the bathroom of the poker parlor, he met a professional photographer named Joel, who noticed that he was extremely gifted and suggested he put his gifts to good use.

John Holmes (actor)

Before long, he was doing cathern bell nude and dancing in nightclubs where he was making more cash than he dreamed possible.

Meanwhile, his wife Sharon had no idea and believed her husband to be an average, working-class holmes. Then, one day she walked in on him measuring himself with a tape measure and dancing around giddy with glee.

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That was holmes Holmes told his wife about his extracurricular activities and that he had a new plan for his life. He wanted to be the best at something, he explained, and he believed that pornography was it.